In this video, you’ll learn How To Quickly Create Social Media Content like Gary Vaynerchuk. Do you have a content plan better known as a Social media content strategy for: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram?


Once you’ve created something that you want to sell, you have to promote it.  You’re probably wondering how do I create a ton of content for my business? That’s a great question and I was wondering the same thing like a long time ago until I figured out the strategy that I came up with my content creating machine. I wanted to teach you how to create content for social media. 

A lot of people get really overwhelmed about how do I create content and where do I get it from? And Oh my gosh, where do I start? When I started, I started with Twitter for my social media and I did what’s called curating content instead of creating content. So I wasn’t actually creating the content myself. I was curating content to share on social media and quotes and videos and pictures from other brands and businesses like myself that the people in my niche might want to follow or read or watch. 

Before I had a product or service to sell, I actually created what is called a brand. If any of you all know what that is. Before I had a business, I had a brand before I had business welcome to my life. Yes, it’s magic how that happens. It’s magic. Some people figure it out the other way around. It’s called curating instead of creating hashtag that! 

When it comes to creating a social media strategy or content for your business, your brand to share on social media, that being Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, linkedin, Facebook. 

Types of Content To Share

Start with, okay, what are all the things that could possibly share? Quizzes, frequently asked question, quotes, video that you created or a podcast. It could be a tutorial, a Vlog, a review. It doesn’t even have to be the full video. It can just be a snippet of it. So one tip out of the five tips that you give. 

There’s so many things that you can share. Sometimes you almost limit yourself when you start thinking, oh my gosh, what do I need to do? Anything to get people engaged or just look at your content is a great idea.

BONUS TIP:  Make sure that you’re using hashtags on platforms that use it. Twitter is one, Instagram is a big one. Youtube, you can use hashtags on, not really that many, but you know two to three on Twitter and youtube. I think Instagram is probably like the magic number is eleven.

So now you know how to create a ton of content for your business and how I create content for my business. But you’re going to need something once you’ve created all this amazing content and how to keep it organized. And that’s a content calendar which you can DOWNLOAD here.