HOW I QUIT MY JOB TO START MY OWN BUSINESS. If you’ve ever wanted to quit your job, work from home, and become an entrepreneur, then this vlog is for you! I’m sharing how I started my own business and what led up to me finally quitting my job. Are you a millennial wondering: “Should I quit my job?” Don’t do it cold Turkey! Learn step-by-step How to quit your job and start a business.

I have both tangible and intangible products that I sell now, but it didn’t always used to be that way. They actually came from me falling on my face for the first time. 

I started out in cosmetology school and went into finance After that. I know completely two ends of the spectrum, but I really wanted to go into cosmetology school and my dad really pushed me into finance and accounting and I hated it. I feel like I’m going really fast on this, so let me slow it down.

Where do I start?

I always get asked, how either did you start your business or how do I create a product service to sell and start something for myself online? And so I thought I would roll it back a little bit and tell you how I got started.

I’m Bloggin Brandi, and this is BLABoss where I teach you all about how to build a business and brand it like a boss. I’m going to try to make this story as short as possible. How did Brandi get started with this whole online entrepreneurship thing? How did I end up quitting my job, my six figure job and starting my own business? I don’t really know how exciting the story can be, but maybe it will inspire you to get started and create something for yourself. 

Where did I start? I guess that’s a good place to start. Way Back in the day. Waaaayyyyy back in the day, I actually used to have a job. 


I started out in high school doing cosmetology. That is like cutting hair and doing facials, makeup and pretty stuff. I went to college for beauty while I was in high school,  then, I started my own business kind of back then. I went from working in a salon to starting my own spray tanning business. But, I used to have the whole entrepreneurial spirit in me back in the day.

I finished up my hours at Vogue Beauty school down a little country road in the middle of nowhere. This was when I was around the age of 16 until about 18 years old. I received my cosmetology license right out of high school. So, I came out of high school already at the top. Already the top!

While I was cutting hair, people kept saying, no you should go back and get a real career, go to college. I was thinking of what is not a real career about cutting hair? And, I did go to college for cosmetology.


I took everyone else’s advice over, over and over. Went back to school for accounting. I hated it. Switched my major to finance and I got all of these licenses. I did four years in college. I got a series 7, series 66. I know you’re probably like, what is that? It has to do with finance. One has to do with trading stocks and I got insurance licenses that I honestly don’t use anymore. 

I did get a balling a$$ job at one of the, biggest , biggest, biggest financial institutions in the world. Finally, there was just this thing inside of me that said, I hate my job. This is not fun. And then one day I just typed up an email and I said, I quit. 


So it wasn’t that simple. What really happened? Let me think back. Maybe it was just timing. I don’t know. My boyfriend at the time who’s still my boyfriend now, but… ummm still my boyfriend now. He went to school just like me, he got a degree and all that fun stuff. At some point we met. 

He was an entrepreneur and I always had that inside of me. And, then, That I guess kind of rubbed off on me and I wanted to start my own business and so we started talking and I kept seeing him. “Oh I’m at my friends, and we’re at the bar. And it was like 10:00 AM on like on Wednesday or something. 

And I was thinking, well what is he doing that I’m not doing? I said, Whoa, I really can’t figure out how he’s getting by with making all this money and not working during the day or taking off half the day and I’m working this job nine to five. I’m getting up at 5:00 AM and hurry to get ready and take showers and he’s laying in the bed till 11:00 AM going to lunch. And then when I get off work, he was like, “Hey what’s up I just started work.” We worked completely different schedules. It’s just crazy what happened.


But either way I was like, well if he can do it, I can do it. I think he gave me the idea. So I started doing this e-liquid business, which turned out to be really bad. A Bad, Bad idea! So when you talk about business mistakes, bad idea. Why was it a bad idea? Well I sold to e-liquid, which is the stuff that you put in the pens to smoke. 

But, I didn’t think about the fact that it might be regulated. So when I tried to put out ads against it, I couldn’t put out ads against it on like Google or youtube or create content because I don’t know if you know, but things like cigarettes and smoking and smoking cessation products can’t be advertised even though it’s a little bit more lenient now it is really banned. So when you have to check that box about is it 18 and up or adult? Yeah, you’re considered just like the xxx stuff. I learned a lot! Moving on.

And then I started seeing all this stuff come out about the health. I felt really guilty selling this product, but it taught me a lot because I learned how to build my own website like three times. I spent an entire Christmas building, a website that I could’ve had done in like one day, learn how to source products from China. You know, I learned how to sell a product or how liquid I had product as well. So when your product fails, that’s what happens. You liquidate it. So that was probably one of my biggest fails. So I pulled the plug on it and I said, hey, morally, I just really don’t want to sell this product if I can’t advertise it. That kind of made me feel guilty and I quit selling it. 

Now, people probably think is like, okay, well that obviously you aren’t successful, but one thing I’m really good at is selling other people’s products and services.


I stumbled upon this magical idea about selling other people’s products and services. So I got started on Amazon and Ebay after that, just scanning random things at Walmart and Goodwill and Target. And that I found on clearance and that people gave me for Christmas and anything that was new, I would scan or I wholesale from manufacturers or it can be salvaged goods. I’ve done her return Palettes, auctions, all kinds of ways. 

I created this business called Ambay Exchange, which is still in existence today. It has been restructured a couple of times. If you think about it: Amazon and Ebay equals Ambay. Yeah, Ambay Exchange and that’s how I make money. 

So a lot of people ask me, how did you create a product or service to sell?

Well, I did create one. It wasn’t successful. The first one I created was not successful. I did sell them, but it wasn’t this huge thing and it was honestly not a huge thing because I personally decided to pull the plug on it, then created a Ambay Exchange. 

I had no website, no social media, no emails, started selling on Amazon and started selling on eBay and things just took off and I was making so much money that led me to finally quit my job. And, I didn’t just quit, like I planned my exit. I knew I was getting a bonus. I had to stay x amount of days to keep my bonus and I had been at the company for a while, but finally I just kind of got fed up and it was like that thing where you go into work and you just hate being there.


“To whom it may concern, please accept this letter as notification that I am resigning. I apologize for not being able to provide two weeks notice. However, I regret that due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to resign immediately. Please forward my last paycheck to my home address. Thank you.”

I hated corporate America and I really wanted to work for myself and do my own thing. That’s how I got started selling a product or service. Then that’s what led me to kind of what they call reselling. Because at first I had went straight into private labeling and that’s why I say maybe you should back up and learn how to sell other people’s products. You don’t have to just sell products.


You can also sell services. That’s another side of my business that I quickly learned about was I started learning how to automate the process and what it took to run a business and why I needed a website and social media and email and it kind of came from that that I started BLABoss or Blahboss as some people call it because I think that sounds pretty fancy but it stands for brand like a boss.

I wanted to teach people about the business side of my business about how I actually run my business, so on the Blaboss side, I sell not just a book which is tangible. It’s also services. So I have people that have hired me to create videos for them and websites and set of their email marketing and create social media strategies and graphics and schedule it for them and share them how to do this. And I’ve created courses on that.


I started out as Bloggin Brandi and I was blogging about like a whole bunch of stuff: Vegas, Rants, RVing etc… And then I kinda like found my niche figured out that I needed to restructure my business and my brand and it turned into the three businesses. 

  • RVERSITY – I have my travel Vlog, which is our RVersity. If any of you follow RVing or my travel blog, you probably saw me launch that last summer. 
  • BLABOSS – Then I launched my business and branding website, which is BLABoss or blah boss brand like a boss. 
  • AMBAY EXCHANGE – And then I have Ambay Exchange, which is what I was telling you, my reselling business, where I sell products. 

I hope that explains how I created my first product and how it failed and then what I did to kind of compensate for that and what has turned into Ambay Exchange, Blaboss, RVersity, and Bloggin Brandi.

Now you know how I created my product or service and how you can get started creating maybe something of your own. So the next thing that you’re going to need is to put it all together and put yourself out there. And how do you do that? Well, you have to have a profile online, which will be some type of website and then you want to market yourself with email and social media. 

But don’t you worry, I put it all into a great little start up checklist. 

So, if you’re trying to start a business of your own. You probably want to check out my checklist because I’ve shown you how to pretty much do it fast, cheap, easy, and sometimes free. Free is not always the best option.

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