Wonder which fonts you should be using with your brand or logo? Whether you’re create a graphic design or logo design, you’ll want to know How To Choose The Right Typeface. If you’ve been struggling learning How To Choose The Right FONT For Your Logo or Brand then this video is for you! In this branding video, I’ll show you how to choose fonts.

You just need to pick a font. Like the same font, the same font, and use it everywhere. All the platforms, your website, social media, your business cards, flyers. There’s a lot to learn about fonts and unless you’re trying to be a graphic designer, I probably would just focus on the fundamentals.

Where do I find fonts?

Well don’t you worry, you’re talking to the branding boss over here, so I’m going to teach you how to do it in the easiest, simplest way. If you haven’t picked up my book, how to brand like a boss. I talk about some really cool tools that I use and one of my favorite ones is Canva. 


Canva has this awesome tool called a font finder. So essentially they’ll help you pick out instead of what you would normally think of such as a Color Palette is going to be a font pallet. This tool will help you pair, combine, and contrast fonts and there’s tons of fonts that you can use. you don’t want to have really crazy fonts that don’t go together. If you really want to get into typography Canva has an entire guide about fonts you might enjoy.


You can also go to DaFont and download fonts and use them and upload them to Canva or any other platform. DaFont has hundreds of fonts to choose from and an extensive search list.

Now you go how to find the perfect font or find a font that fits your brand, but do you know how to design the rest of your Brand? Well, don’t you worry, I got you covered because there are things like your logo and your name and where are you going to use this font?

You’re going to use it in your logo, maybe your tagline or on your website and you’re going to need to know where to get all of the other parts of your brand to build it. Don’t worry, I’ve put all of this into an amazing checklist or essentially what I like to call my boss branding guide and I help you get all of these things set up.