Taglines and slogans should be memorable. You know it’s Nike when you hear the tag line, “Just do it.” Branding your business means crafting the perfect Tagline or Slogan. Need tagline ideas for your business tagline? In this video you’ll learn all about tag lines and how to create a tagline that will resonate. By the end of this tutorial you’ll know How to Create 100+ Taglines in Less than a Minute!

How To Write A Tagline in 1,2,3 easy steps…

  1. Write an Elevator Pitch
  2. Trim it down to a Social Bio
  3. Slim it even more to Write a Tagline

What is a Tagline?

The goal of a tagline is to clarify your message and a really well written tagline is never even going to mention the business’s name. 

You will tell what the business does? what type of products and services they offer? and give people a really good indication in this “one sentence”.

You need to be able to tell people what you do in one sentence or less, and that’s what I’m gonna teach you how to do. 


Let’s think of some examples of this. 

  • “Just do it”. You’ll see that use a lot with Nike. 
  • Budweiser is “the king of beer”
  • Or maybe you’ve seen capital one’s “what’s in your wallet.” 
  • Disney is “the happiest place on earth”

These are all taglines and it tells you what people do or what their business does, what product service that they offer. 

So you know, if you said the king of Beers, it’s like, well obviously they sell beer, they have something to do with beer. 

What’s in your wallet by capital one that makes you think, what has to do something with money, credit cards, finances. 

Disney is the happiest place on earth. They don’t even have to say Disney. You’re just like, oh my God, it’s gotta be Disney world. Where else would it be? 

How To Write A Tagline:

But, hopefully that gives you some ideas. So what’s the process for writing a tagline you’re going to want to break this down to a couple of steps.

STEP #1 - Write your ELEVATOR PITCH or “About Section”

The easiest way that I’ve found to kind of think about this is at first you’re going to start by writing a bio or a profile for your business. And this is going to be several sentences. You just dump out everything you think about. For instance, if I had to explain my business, my elevator pitch, how would I explain my business to somebody. If I was going from the elevator on the top floor to the bottom, and I only have 30 seconds to a minute for them to listen quickly and get what my business does, how would I explain it to them?

The first step is to “Write your long bio”


In step two, you’re creating what would be like your social media bio. So you want to take that long bio that you’ve made and You’re still going to keep it but trim it down and it turned that into your short bio or your social bio as I like to call it.

And, you can use this one on social media or at the end of say a blog post or article to just give a real quick description of what you or your business does.

So take a few minutes to go through the bio that you’ve already done or created and break it down and trim it out and say, okay, what can I take out of here and get really, really specific about what I do with less sentences. 

Trim down what you’ve already created in your long bio and we’re going to make that your short bio to use for social media.

Second step is to “Write your short bio”

STEP #3 - Write your TAGLINE

In the third step, you’re going to trim that down into what is called your tagline. Now that you went from your long elevator pitch to your short social bio that you just met them on social, So then they want to visit your website and see what you really, really do, right? So you’re just kind of like backing into this. 

So you have your long bio. Now, you have a short bio and now you’re just want one quick sentence to tell people what your business does or what products and services you offer, essentially like what you’re about if they land on you. 

Step three is to trim down your social bio and make one sentence to create your tagline.

Let's Review:

So now you know how to write your tagline. 

  1. You know how to take your long bio from your website that you’ve created your elevator pitch 
  2. and it turned that into a short bio that you can use for social media. 
  3. And now you have a tagline for your business. 

Writing your tagline is just one part of building your brand. You still need to come up with a name for your business and choosing the right colors and find the right font. There’s so many things that go into building your business and once you do this, you need to keep this all in one place.

In order to do this, a lot of these major brands have what’s called a branding kit or branding guide for their business, and they put this together to give to designers and everyone associated with their business keep the brand’s look and feel consistent.

Don’t you worry, I got you covered. I’ve created this for you. All you have to do is download and follow the steps in my boss branding guide.