Naming a business? Need business name ideas? The process to Choose a business name can be stressful with all the business names available. In this video, I’m sharing step-by-step advice on how to choose a name for your business.

What if my name is taken?

If someone is using your name in what capacity are they using it? Are they just securing the website and they don’t have any of the social handles or do they have all of the social handles and not the website? I would prefer to have all the social handles and not the URL domain name for the website because you can make anything with the URL.

Use a variation of the name

I used a variation of brand like a boss, when I wrote my book “Brand Like A Boss” because somebody has the URL brand like a boss, but they didn’t have the acronym BLAB. And another thing that I really liked about this is it that it meant blab? Since the whole book is about branding and creating a brand for your business, I thought it would be a little creative to say blab, so that people can Blab about your business. Blab see you get it? You get it? Is it ringing? 🙂

Use business name generators to come up with ideas

You want to come up with a variation. So how do you come up with a variation? Well, I would go to Google and search “business name generator” and I wouldn’t just search name generator because you’ll get like baby names and stuff. 

I would use a business name generator or free business name generator and it will pop up a list of ideas. 

You can use a tool called Lean Domain Search for available domains or Shopify’s Business Name Generator to help come up with ideas!

How Do Business Name Generators Work

With one of these tools you literally will just put in the name and it’ll generate a list of ideas to go with your name.

For instance, if you put in Brandi it might say brandi business, Brandi Brand, Brandi store, Brandi shop,  Brandi online, Brandi pink, Brandi blue.  Or, if I search for “bloggin” it might say Bloggin trees, Bloggin book, Bloggin coffee etc….

Hire Someone To Help

Those are some ideas for some business name generators. If all else fails and you need some help you can always hit me up of course, but is somewhere I go.

Remember you get what you pay for, I will say that. But, if you’re just getting started, Fiverr it’s a really good place to start. You can get a lot of projects done for five bucks. 

You can hire someone to give you five different names for your business. Just tell them what your business is about and they’ll help you come up with a name for your business. 

There are tons of services out there. I would just Google name generators or naming contest or reach out to your email list, friends, family and say, “Hey, I’m having having a naming contest.”

If you already have a product or service and maybe you’re trying to come up with a name for something, you could do a naming contest like that. Go to Fiverr and I would Honestly, you just look up business naming or put in naming service, business naming, something like that. It’ll pop up. Trust me. 

So, now you know how to choose a name for your business, but do you know how to come up with everything else for your business? What about your logo, tagline, font and brand colors?

There’s so much that goes into building your business it can get really overwhelming. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: you can download my boss branding guide to help!

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